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Do I have to take out Failsworth Self Storage insurance, or can I use my own insurance?

No. You can take out your own insurance but it must cover goods being placed in self storage. Not all
household insurances will cover you whilst your possessions are in a self storage facility, so please check the terms of your insurance and provide us with proof of your cover if not using ours, which must state that it covers goods stored in a self storage facility, and name the store you are storing at and the full postal address of the premises. It is your responsibility to keep your insurance documentation valid and up to date.

Do the quoted prices include insurance?

No. Because insurance is dependent on the full new replacement value of what you store and we do not know what you intend to store at quote stage, it is impossible for us to include insurance within your quote. As a guideline, if taking out our insurance, cover starts from £2,000 at a cost of £3.50 per week.

How detailed does the insurance inventory need to be?

All large items must be included in your inventory, but you do not need to be so detailed as to include the title of every book within a box. For example, “Box of 20 books” would be a sufficient description plus their total value.

Please put equal valued items in the same box if listing them as a collection of items with one price. Any higher valued items should be declared separately or made known to us with their individual value. When using our Check-in Online feature, please indicate the higher valued item in the item entry box e.g. Box of 20 books – Romeo and Juliet hardback worth £55. With a value for the entire box e.g. £150. We will then assume that the remaining total of £95 is to be divided between the other 19 books, giving them an average value of £5 each.

How do I update the inventory once I have moved in?

You will need to contact Failsworth Self Storage

How much is insurance?

This depends on the full new replacement value of your goods if you had to buy them again today. As a guide, our average customer tends to take £5,000 of insurance cover at a cost of £6 per week.

Is insurance compulsory?

Yes. All customers must either take out our bespoke insurance or provide proof of insurance cover for goods in self storage, before they can store with us. If using your own insurance provider you will need to ask them to add an addendum to your policy to include the name and address of the store you are using.

Is there different insurance for Business Customers?

No. The insurance we offer is for all storage users. You will be insured whether you are a business customer or a domestic customer, as the insurance is specific to the goods you are storing, not the user type. If you are using your own insurance, please ensure it states it is suitable for self storage in a place away from your office / normal business location.

What does my insurance cover?

If you take out our insurance, we will cover you against the following normal perils: Actual physical loss or damage to Goods caused by burst pipes; escape of water; theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit; moth, insect or vermin damage caused an external source; fire; lightning; explosion; earthquake; storm; flood; riot; strike; civil commotion; malicious damage; and impact by vehicles or aircraft.

What is the minimum insurance required to store?

The minimum value is the full new replacement value of your goods. Our policy starts from up to £2,000 at a cost of £3.50 per week. However, if you fail to declare the full new collective replacement value of all your goods on the Insurance Application Form, in the event of a claim you will only be entitled to recover from the Insurers the proportion of the loss as the declared value bears to the full new replacement value of your goods. Please be aware that the consequence of under insurance will be a reduced settlement of any claim.

Why do I have to submit an inventory?

An inventory of the items you are storing is required as part of the terms and conditions for storage. If taking our insurance, the inventory also forms part of your insurance validation.

Why do I need insurance?

Just like living in an apartment where usually the building insurance is covered by a third party, you still need to have contents insurance. Self storage works the same way. Our insurance covers our building; your insurance is to cover your possessions.

Why doesn’t it show me the prices for insurance on the website?

The value of insurance you require is entirely dependent on the value of the items you are storing if you had to buy them all new. We refer to this as the new full replacement value. We cannot estimate this value as we are unaware what a potential customer may store. This is why we prefer to deal with you directly, to work out a bespoke price for you. The cost of insurance starts from £3.50 per week.

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